Launching for Barge 300Ft
Date : 2006-07-09
On Friday, 7 July 2006, Sentek Indonesia has launch for Oil Barge 300feet  ...detail
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:: Sentek History

PT. Sentek Indonesia was first introduced as PT. Sentek Marine & Trading in year 2000 by Mr. Pai Kheng Peng, the managing director. Land reclamation and civil construction works commenced shortly after. The building of the infrastructure, such as workshops, the dry dock, the wharves, major equipment, etc, was fully completed within a few year. Base on our unique skill, experience and remarkable effective work control system, rapidly, we have expanded our shipyard. Nowadays PT. Sentek Indonesia has been developing from a small size shipyard to one of the biggest shipyards in Batam island.

Sentek Indonesia 's parent company is Sentek Marine & Trading Pte Ltd, Singapore . Sentek Marine & Trading was incorporated in 1993 as a limited exempt private company with its principal activities in bunkering.

Located at Tanjung Uncang, Kampung Becek of Batam Island , the PT. Sentek Indonesia is situated on 18 hectares of prime land. PT. Sentek Indonesia actively involved in new construction and repair of tugboats, barges, floating docks, also provide chartering service of barges, and launching service.

Our quality service, dedication and comitment has help us grow tremendously over the year. As time being, we are in the process to expanding our workforce as well as our facility to cater for our future business growth.